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Top Flooring Options for Homes, Businesses, and Rentals and More

Are you choosing flooring for your home, your business, your investment property, or anywhere else? Then, let me help. Hello, my name is Sarah. In this blog, I'm going to cover everything from refinishing old wooden floors, to importing rugs, to choosing the most comfortable carpet pad, to selecting colors that make your rooms look perfect. I'm not a flooring professional, but I have installed my fair share of floors. I also love design, and in addition to redecorating my own home, I've helped a lot of friends with their homes and renal properties. As the previous owner of a boutique, I also get how important flooring can be for reflecting your brand and creating the right vibe. Check out my posts -- I hope you enjoy them. Thanks.


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4 Reasons to Install Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Your Hair Salon

If you're updating your hair salon to give it a modern look, you may be comparing different types of flooring. A good option to consider is commercial epoxy flooring. It has a combination of good looks and low maintenance that makes it ideal for a busy salon. Here are four benefits of epoxy flooring.

1. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Attractive

Epoxy flooring comes in many colors, and you even use multiple colors or create patterns on your floor. Your floor can look acid stained or look like it's made of granite. You can even find metallic epoxy. In addition, you can have a top coat put on that makes the flooring reflective or glossy. This makes your salon look clean and bright.

2. Epoxy Flooring Can Be Made Non-Slippery

The last thing you want in a salon is a slippery floor. The flooring installer can use products to make the floor non-slippery. When this is done, epoxy isn't slick, even when it's wet. Your salon may have water drips on the floor, hair clippings, and chemicals from overspray that could make other types of flooring slick.

Your employees, stylists, and clients will be safer walking on epoxy flooring than other types of flooring that have a slick surface.

3. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Easy To Clean

When you're tired at the end of the day, you probably don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning up the floor. However, you need to clean a salon floor every day. You can sweep epoxy flooring and wet mop it. In addition to the topcoat making the floor glossy, it also protects the floor from stains, so stains from hair products or beverage spills are easy to clean up.

4. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Is Fast To Install

Depending on the type of epoxy flooring you install and the type of old flooring you have now, it might be possible to install epoxy flooring in a single day so it's ready for use by the next day. You can coordinate the flooring installation with your other renovations so there is no delay in getting your salon back open on time.

If you're looking for a high-gloss floor or something with an artsy look, epoxy flooring would be a good choice. Epoxy flooring can have a luxury appearance too, which is good if you have a high-end salon. Commercial epoxy flooring can take on many different looks, so you're sure to find flooring that fits your salon and that's also easy to maintain.