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The Most Durable And Economical Flooring Options For Universities

Universities have a lot of challenges to meet. They need durable and cost-effective floors that are also attractive and comfortable. Depending on the location, flooring needs may also differ. Here are some of the best options for durable and cost-effective school flooring, depending on the university's needs.

Common Areas and Entryways

Granite, marble, and other natural stone tiles remain the flooring of choice for the common areas and entryways of most college campuses. Universities want to have a luxurious appearance within their common spaces -- and natural stone is also extremely durable and long-lasting. Of course, it's also expensive. Universities can also consider stamped and stained concrete tiles, as they can be made in the same style as granite and marble, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Dormitories and Living Spaces

Living spaces are often best suited to a low pile carpet, linoleum, or vinyl plank. These carpet options are going to dampen some sound, while also being fairly easy to clean. Low pile carpet does require more care than the other options, as it will need to be professionally cleaned from time to time.

Vinyl plank is a little more expensive than linoleum, but generally has a more attractive appearance and is more durable. If vinyl plank becomes damaged, only the damaged planks need to be replaced. If linoleum is damaged, large sections usually need to be replaced. Linoleum tiles can be used to make linoleum a little easier to repair and maintain.

Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Lecture halls often do best with a sound absorbing material, such as carpet. This prevents the sound from echoing across the hall. Smaller classrooms can get away with a variety of different types of floor, such as engineered wood or cork wood flooring. Engineered wood and cork wood can give a luxurious appearance to an important classroom or lecture hall while still being sustainable and cost-effective, while carpet is the best choice for a comfortable floor that is also affordable.

Which floors are best will depend on the budget of the university and its goals, but there are many options available today that can successfully mimic more expensive materials. Concrete can mimic natural stone, vinyl can mimic natural wood, and engineered wood can be used in place of solid wood. A flooring company can give a university options that suit its budget and its needs, and many of the more modern materials are not only sustainable but also extremely durable.