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Top Flooring Options for Homes, Businesses, and Rentals and More

Are you choosing flooring for your home, your business, your investment property, or anywhere else? Then, let me help. Hello, my name is Sarah. In this blog, I'm going to cover everything from refinishing old wooden floors, to importing rugs, to choosing the most comfortable carpet pad, to selecting colors that make your rooms look perfect. I'm not a flooring professional, but I have installed my fair share of floors. I also love design, and in addition to redecorating my own home, I've helped a lot of friends with their homes and renal properties. As the previous owner of a boutique, I also get how important flooring can be for reflecting your brand and creating the right vibe. Check out my posts -- I hope you enjoy them. Thanks.



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Three Reasons To Install Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to residential floors, ceramic tiles are a great choice. They are becoming more and more common on floors for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they are extremely affordable and strong. On top of that, they are becoming more stylish, with an ever-expanding range of colors and styles becoming available. This article explains three reasons why homeowners will love having ceramic tile floors.

Ceramic Flooring Tiles are Affordable

Ceramic floors are very affordable. They are usually cheaper than the natural product that they are replicating. That is, a ceramic tile with a fake slate print is going to be much cheaper to buy per square foot. On top of that, the longterm maintenance is going to be more affordable. Ceramic tiles are manufactured to be as light as possible without compromising their strength. This is a major factor in their initial cost and the cost of installation. If you are planning on doing your own floor, you will appreciate a lightweight tile material that won't be so hard to lift and carry during the job.

Ceramic Flooring Tiles are Strong

The main reasons to invest in synthetic tiles is the fact that they are so easy to take care of. Homeowners value a product that is durable and doesn't rely on maintenance. Ceramic tiles don't need to be sealed or stained. The waterproof finish is permanent. Even if the colors do fade (it will take decades before any fading is noticeable), the tiles will remain waterproof.

Ceramic Flooring Tiles are Stylish

Since ceramic tiles are synthetic, they are not only made with low maintenance in mind; they are also designed with detailed finishes that look very convincing. You might not think that a ceramic tile floor with a fake wood shingle print would look realistic, but it actually does. Remember, the floor is several meters away from anybody looking at it, so they don't really notice that it isn't the real material unless they get up close and personal. You can definitely achieve the style you are going for, often without any of the demanding maintenance of natural materials like wood and clay.

As you can see, ceramic tiles are ideal for flooring construction. They are perfect for residential properties, but they are also becoming more common in commercial buildings. If you see these products in person, you will be impressed by all of the styles on offer. Contact a company like for more information and assistance.