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Why Kitchen Floor Drains Need to be Carefully Kept Grease-Free

Commercial kitchens gather a lot of grease during a day. A good floor drain can help get rid of a lot of this spilled grease, but it can also get clogged up and cause serious problems. Any kitchen owner with one of these drains need to know how to keep them free from solid grease residue.

Floor Drains Are Useful In Restaurants

Restaurant owners may not realize how useful good floor drains can be for their kitchen. They can capture a lot of the spills and grease that occur in front of a sink or in a preparation area. These drains can then take the grease away from the kitchen to prevent slipping or other dangerous conditions. However, grease can be a major problem if it gets too dense in a pipe.

Typically, good commercial floor drains are designed to handle grease effectively. They typically have a wider head and slicker slides that help the grease move more carefully away from the kitchen before it solidifies. That said, it is still very possible for grease to get solid in the floor drain and contribute to serious problems.

Grease Down A Floor Drain Can Cause Clogs

Kitchen floor drains that get too filled up with grease may cause clogs because of the way grease solidifies in pipes. When grease sits for too long, it cools down from its liquid form. As it cools, it gets solid and sticks to the side of the pipe. Thick and solid grease may still slide down the side of the pipe, but it is also likely to end up collecting.

Once grease collects in a large enough solid mass, clogs will start happening. And this is a major problem with a kitchen floor drain. Kitchen workers may end up getting their clothes wet or slipping on dangerous floors. At this point, lawsuits are likely. That's why restaurant owners need to do what they can to manage this problem.

Cleaning Up The Problem

The best way to avoid this problem is to place grease collection containers around the kitchen. These containers should be sealable plastic bottles that can be thrown away after filled up with solid grease. In this way, it is possible to limit the amount of grease that goes down the floor drain. However, if the floor drain does get clogged, it is necessary to get it cleaned up immediately.

Washing hot water and dish soap down the drain will help to a small degree. Burst of compressed air can also help break apart the clogs and wash them down the drain. Power augers are a useful and non-destructive way of eliminating grease. They are preferable to chemical cleaners, which are effective but may damage the pipes if used too often.

This simple process is a powerful way for restaurant owners to protect their floor drains and keep them in great shape. It may take a little work to manage, but it is the kind of work that pays off by avoiding complete floor drain replacement. Look into local companies, like Sani-Floors, for more information.