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Top Flooring Options for Homes, Businesses, and Rentals and More

Are you choosing flooring for your home, your business, your investment property, or anywhere else? Then, let me help. Hello, my name is Sarah. In this blog, I'm going to cover everything from refinishing old wooden floors, to importing rugs, to choosing the most comfortable carpet pad, to selecting colors that make your rooms look perfect. I'm not a flooring professional, but I have installed my fair share of floors. I also love design, and in addition to redecorating my own home, I've helped a lot of friends with their homes and renal properties. As the previous owner of a boutique, I also get how important flooring can be for reflecting your brand and creating the right vibe. Check out my posts -- I hope you enjoy them. Thanks.



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Protecting A Laminate Floor From An Elderly Dog's Acidic Pee

When dogs age, they lose control of their bladder. Sadly, this can result in accidents on a new laminate floor that can be seriously problematic. That's why it is important to learn how to manage this problem quickly and efficiently.

Dog Pee Is Acidic

As dogs have a high meat intake level, their urine is typically more acidic than many other animals. For example, it is more acidic than human, rabbit, and horse urine. That is why it is so damaging to many types of flooring. While it isn't acidic enough to burn the skin or cause serious immediate damage, leaving the urine on the floor for a few hours can cause damage.

Dog owners who own an elderly canine know how difficult it is for their friend to hold their bladder. While they likely aren't urinating on the floor to be bad, their urine is still a serious concern. Though the damage isn't going to be immediately obvious, repeated urination is likely to cause damage to a laminate floor that can be hard to manage.

Taking Care Of The Problem

With older dogs who can no longer control their bladder, accidents are bound to happen. The important thing is to catch them quickly and clean the laminate floors as soon as possible. Fresh stains can be cleaned up with non-abrasive cleaners. Older ones need to be cleaned by wiping the area with a damp cloth and using vinegar to break apart the stain.

Thankfully, laminate flooring is very resistant to the kind of damage caused by dog urine. However, that doesn't mean that damage is impossible. To decrease the potential of damage, it is important to decrease the acidity of a dog's urine. This requires increasing their water intake and giving them supplements that low their acidity. Look for items with amino acids called DL-Methionine for the best effect.

As a dog's urine acidity level will increase with the amount of meat and protein they eat, it is also wise to vary their diet to include more fiber-rich foods. In this way, their urine will be less likely to seriously damage a laminate floor. However, this change should be discussed with a veterinarian to ensure that it isn't unhealthy for them.

By following these simple suggestions, it is possible to avoid serious damage to a laminate floor. It can also help protect an older dog from getting put to sleep due to floor damage. It is a step that any dog lover should take as a way of protecting their newly installed floors. You should also talk with a flooring company like McSwain Carpets and Floors for more tips to protect your floors.